Conn 22B Victor "Early Model"

Conn 22B Victor 1955

Date: 1955, Owned by Fred Cirksena

In 1955 Conn redesigned the 22B New York Symphony, bringing its design in line with the other trumpets of the day. The result was the 22B Victor. The 1955 22B Victor closely resembles a 22B New York Symphony Special, with the added nickel plating in the same places: a band of nickel plating around the valve casing, and some nickel plating around the leadpipe and the slides. This 1955 22B Victor retained the fixed 3rd slide finger ring. In 1956 and 1957 the 22B Victor had an entirely nickel plated valve casing, but was otherwise the same as the 1955 model. From approximately 1958 the 22B Victor was modified again. The nickel plating on the valve casing and slides remained, but the nickel plating on the leadpipe disappeared. This version also had an adjustable 3rd slide finger ring. On all versions the 22B Victor had bottom spring valves, like it predecessor the 22B New York Symphony.

Although strictly speaking the 1953 and 1954 models 22B were still "New York Symphony" (as far as I know), instruments produced in these two years had (I assume nickel-) plated slide ends. I suppose these were transitional models.

The 22B New York Symphony was produced between 1922 and 1954. The 22B Victor took over when the New York Symphony was discontinued in 1955, and was still in production in 1971. It has a #1 Bore (0.438"). Don't confuse the 22B New York Symphony/Victor with the current 22B Director. That is an entirely different instrument, a student model. The vintage 22B was a top class instrument.

What Conn said in 1957:
Standard of the world for many years, still a favorite of many top artists, this trumpet has a medium bore. Remarkably brilliant, penetrating tone quality, yet extremely full and rich. Features famous clickless crysteel valves, lightning fast yet so q-u-i-e-t. Finger ring for adjustment of third valve slide. Length 21", weight 2 lbs 11 oz., bell diameter 4 5/8". Outfit includes handsome new Victor case, plus music lyre and correct mouthpiece.
Highly polished brass, beautiful nickel trim, protected by longer lasting, acid resistant LUSTRE-CONN finish, clear lacquered overall.