Conn 22B Victor (1953 Model)

Conn 22B Victor 1953

Date: 1953. Owned by Linda Stanfield.

Pictured here is the 1953-1954 model 22B Victor. It is functionally identical to the 22B New York Symphony "Late Model" (see separate entry). The difference is in the valve caps, finger buttons and (most obviously) the slide ends. The slide ends are apparently nickel.

For all intents and purposes, the 1953/1954 22B Victor turned out to be a transitional model. The 1955 model 22B Victor had lacquered nickel trim in different areas which moved around a bit until the final version in 1958. For more information on the 22B New York Symphony, see under 22B New York Symphony "Late Model".

A weigh-in (by another 22B afficionado than myself) of several 22B's from different years gives the following results:

Don't confuse the venerable 22B New York Symphony/Victor with the recent 22B Director. Entirely different class of instrument.

What Conn said in 1954:
The popular (...) 22B trumpet (...) ha[s] a beautiful new look. Shining nickel is combined with polished brass for an eye-appealing finish that complements the exceptional musical qualities of th[is] outstanding instrument.
The 22B trumpet is recognized as having the most nearly perfect taper for a medium bore trumpet of any instrument on the market. It has a beautiful singing tone quality which has made it a favorite in symphony orchestras, in dance and recordning bands. Its responsiveness has helped thousands of school band members achieve outstanding performances. Of course it has the patented Clickless Crysteel valves, noted for their quiet, fast, and long life action. Has finger ring on third valve slide to compensate for sharp 1-3 and 1-2-3 valve combinations.