Conn 14B Symphony "C" Trumpet ("Glantz" Model)

Conn 14B Symphony C Trumpet (Glantz Model) 1949

Date: 1949. Owned by Chris Porada.

It is now fairly certain that this is a 14B C "Glantz" model. According to the model number list on R. Jones' site the 14B "Glantz" model was produced from 1936 to 1948. This is a 1949 model, which makes that entirely plausible. Sofar I have seen two of these, and both were produced in 1949. So either the model number list is off by a year or so, or Conn built a few of them on special order after production had officially stopped. The finger ring attached to the first slide is probably custom; I suspect the "standard" version of the 14B "Glantz" Model (if there is such a thing!) didn't have that.

An authority on vintage instruments commented that the 14B "Glantz" model has a very, very intense tone that reminds him of Harry Glantz' recordings, especially the one of Copland's "The Quiet City". Because of it being so intense it might not be a symphony player's first choice as it might not blend well enough. It is, though, a unique and very beautiful instrument.

The 14B "Glantz" was a #1½ bore, which is 0.459". It seems to me that it somewhat resembles a short 22B New York Symphony of the time, except that the second valve slide is at a 90 degree angle in stead of the usual 45 degree angle towards the player. Mr. Glantz was Toscanini's first trumpet at the NBC Symphony.

What Conn said in 1937:
Special C trumpet built for symphony work, used by Harry Glantz and other great symphony men. Prices on application.