Conn 12B Coprion (1955)

Conn 12B Coprion 1955

Date: 1955. Instrument owned by Robert Benn.

This is the 1955 version of the 12B Coprion. It is essentially the same as the 1955 version of the 22B Victor, except that it has a Coprion bell. The 1955 versions of both the 22B and the 12B strongly resemble the pre-WW2 "Special" version of each instrument. The big difference between the "1955" versions of the 12B and 22B (other than the Coprion bell) is that the 22B Victor was produced for many years into the 1970's with only some changes to nickel trim. The "1955" version of the 12B Coprion was produced only in 1955, and was replaced by the 10B Victor in 1956. That makes the 1955 12B Coprion a very rare instrument.

What Conn said in 1955:
A sensational medium bore trumpet with exceptional power due to its COPRION bell (an exclusive Conn feature, not to be confused with ordinary copper or red brass bells). Wonderful ease of playing, most accurate scale, amazing flexibility throughout its tonal range. Built in Bb-A. Famous lightning fast Clickless Crysteel valves, smooth as crystal and hard as steel. Length 21"; weight 2 pounds, 11 ounces; bell diameter 4 5/8", In handsome two tone tan and rawhide vinyl covered case (top grain leather binding), with mouthpiece and music lyre. Highly polished brass, nickel trim, Coprion bell, clear lacquer.