The post-Elkhart Cornet Model List

This page is list of cornet model numbers in the post-Elkhart years, 1971-1985. This list does not include models that were first produced during the Elkhart years and remained in production during the period 1971-1985.

I have included a column to indicate the year(s) when the instrument was (at least) in use. If both the "Year Introduced" and "Year Discontinued" column is filled in, the "Years Used" column is left blank (no need stating the obvious). Italics indicates "educated guess".

Conn Post-Elkhart Cornet Model Number List
Model Number Model Name Year Introduced Years Used Year Discontinued
16A #1½ Bore Director 1970 - 1979
18A #1½ Bore Director 1980 1980-1983 1985
19A #1½ Bore Director 1971 - -
21A #1½ Bore Director with Coprion bell 1971 - -
23A #1/3 Bore Flügelhorn 1971 - -
24A #½ Bore Flügelhorn - 1979-1983 -
78A #? Bore Century - 1983 1985