Conn 8B Lightweight Artist

Conn 8B Lightweight Artist 1966

Date: 1966. Owned by Paul Ayick.

Notice the "wide" wrap. The 8B is similar to the 6B Victor. The differences are in the bell, which is smaller on the 8B (4 5/8" as opposed to the 6B's 5 1/8") and the lack of a coprion leadpipe which later 6B's were equipped with. It has the same #1 bore (0.438") and top spring valves as the 6B Victor. Parts of the valve assembly were apparently aluminum, to reduce weight. The 8B was available both lacquered and in "bright silver finish". The 8B was produced from 1963 to at least 1979, but probably not much later than that. They were apparently very popular among jazz players at the time, and are quite rare these days.

What Conn said in 1963:
The new Conn 8B Trumpet is a feather-light masterpiece ... brilliant in tone, so light in weight... skillfully created by the world's finest craftsmen.
Conn 8B: Anti-Bounce Valves, Honed Pistons, Positive Valve Indexing, Protected Covered Springs, Undercut Tuning Slides, LustreConn Finish, Full, Wide Left Hand Grip, Adjustable 3rd Valve Throw Ring, 3rd Valve Stop Rod, Acoustically Superior Calibore, Total Weight only 38 ounces.

What Conn said in 1966:
Designed to please the performer who demands an exceptionally lightweight (2 pounds, 6 ounces) free-blowing trumpet with just the right amount of edge to project in any brass section. Response is instantaneous. Aluminum valve stems. Aluminum guide cup. Lightweight braces. Third valve slide throw ring. Brass bell. Length 21½". Bell 4 5/8".