Conn 84I New Wonder

Conn 84I New Wonder Bell Up 1942

Date: 1942. Owner unknown

Instrument has four valves. It has an 11" bell. It has a 4¾ bore, which is 0.5547". It was first produced in 1924-1925 and is listed as such in "Catalog B". It doesn't appear anymore in Catalog C, around 1926. Since catalog C gives an exhaustive list of all models euphonium made at that moment, this is strong evidence that the 84I was not produced anymore after about 1925. The 84I reappears in 1942 as a model produced for the U.S. Military, as evidenced by the instrument pictured here which was made for the U.S. Army. I have been contacted by someone who owns a 1952 model, which is engraved with "U.S." which indicates that instrument was made for the U.S. Government as well. Instruments made for the U.S. Military during the 1940's and early 1950's invariably are silver plated with the serial number engraved on the bell.