Conn 77B Connquest

Conn 77B Connquest 1972

Date: 1972. Owner unknown

The 77B featured a #1 bore (0.438"), and was produced from 1957 through at least 1977. The 77B was a student model one step up from the Director. The above pictured instrument is a 1972 model. Not Conn's best year, but since it is a good picture and with the lack of other 77B pictures, I have decided to use it anyway. One thing isn't very obvious from this picture: the valve casing isn't nickel plated (or even nickel trimmed), it is plain brass, with the leadpipe tubing entering the main tuning slide and the tubing between the main tuning slide and the third valve nickel trimmed, just like the 15B Director.

What Conn said 1957:
A truly fine horn for the beginning student that is interested in an instrument with meany of the features that appear only in the finest professional and artist models. New clickless crysteel valves with silent nylon guide plate and professional bore afford the finest acoustical qualities and accurate intonation. Length 21", weight 2 lbs 10 oz., bell diameter 4 5/8". Outfit includes the beautiful New Connquest case, music lyre and mouthpiece.
Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed, protected by longer lasting, acid resistant LUSTRE-CONN finish.

What Conn said in 1966:
Designed for beginning or advanced student, with much of the 22B feel and sound. The 77B gives the student exceptional control and response in all registers. Has medium bore feel. Brass and nickel trim. Length 21". Bell 4 5/8".