Conn 74I New Wonder Double Bell Baritone

Conn 74I New Wonder Double Bell Baritone 1926

Date: 1926. (Drawing)

The New Wonder family of double bell baritones consists of the 74I/75I (pictured here) and 78I/79I. The 74I/75 are four valve front action instruments, the 78I/79I are five valve front action instruments.

What Conn said in 1926:
Without the least sacrifice in strength of the resulting tone, Conn Baritones offer the highly desirable feature of a small bore, which means, of course, ease of filling. Naturally the Baritone does not offer the broader tone made possible by the Euphonium, but for those who are compelled to play long and tiring engagements, or for young performers of lesser strength and experience, it cannot be excelled. Single and double bell models are included in the Conn line, and in the five-valve double bell model is found the extra valve which extends the register of the instrument and simplifies the fingering in many passages.