Conn 72H Connstellation Bass with F rotary attachment

Conn 72H Connstellation Bass F rotary attachment 1964

Date: 1964, Owned by René Koopman

Here is an unusual instrument: a 72H Connstellation bass trombone. Yes, really. Although not quite visible in this picture, the side of the (nickel-silver, not plated brass) bell is engraved "Connstellation, Elkhart - USA". The bell is the proper 9½", so it isn't a 48H bell that has been attached to a 72H body. The serial number doesn't have a star under it. A star would have indicated a custom instrument, but since there is none it would appear to be a standard production model, perhaps an option. This instrument dates to early 1964 and it is the only 72H Connstellation I have ever heard of. The 1958 and 1966 catalogs don't speak of a "Connstellation" option for the 72H, so for lack of more information I am calling this a "72H Connstellation Bass". Anyone interested in studying a larger version of this picture can contact me (see main page).

I have received suggestions that the lyre holder visible on the front vertical brace could indicate that it was an instrument for the military. Indeed I have heard that the U.S. military bought Connstellation instruments in the 1960's, so a 72H Connstellation Bass would not be unthinkable in that situation.

The (standard) 72H was produced from 1955 to at least 1968. I suspect it was discontinued in 1968 with the arrival of the 60H, 62H, 71H and 73H bass trombones. It has a #5 Bore (0.562"). I have read that the bore of the Conn bass trombone valve section is (supposed to be) 0.594".

I read on the OTJ Forum that "The lead pipe on all 72H's were set up to take a Remington shank mouthpiece, which is a different taper and overall length, than the standard large shank Bach mouthpiece. You will need to have Remington shanked mouthpieces, to properly fit the lead pipe."

What Conn said in 1966:
The top bass trombone among professionals. Widely used in symphony orchestras, concert and studio bands. Resonant dark sound. F rotor with E pull plus full 7th position for complete chromatic range to pedal Bb. Brass bell. Bore size .562", Bell 9½". Length 46".