Conn 6J/7J Junior Model BBb Bass

Conn 6J/7J Junior Model BBb Bass 1926

Date: 1926. (Drawing)

The Junior Model was available in a low pitch 6J and a high pitch 7J version. It weighs 15 lbs., is 34" long, 17" wide and has a bell diameter of 18".

What Conn said in 1926:
Here is a bass that has been designed and built expressly for use in school bands, but the special features incorporated in it have been found extremely desirable for certain other work as well. The weight has been kept down to the minimum possible without sacrificing strength; the Junior Model Bass can stand rought treatment and still yield its full, perfect tone. In size, too, the minimum has been reached. The table below shows the specifications of this instrument.
A number of grown-up professionals have found this small size, light weight bass greatly to their liking, and since the pitch, range and tone are identical with those of the full-size basses and sousaphones it serves their purpose admirably.
The same perfect intonation, ease of blowing, light action and prompt response which are found in the other models of the Conn line have been built into the Junior Model also. In every respect save size and weight this is a regulation instrument - not quite so imposing in appearance as the "Monster" models, but capable of full tone quality in all registers. For the purpose for which the Junior Model Bass was created it is the most satisfactory instrument ever built.