Conn 60I Wonderphone Double Bell Bb Euphonium

Conn 60I Wonderphone Double Bell Front Bb Euphonium 1933

Date: 1933. Owner unknown

The most unusual feature about this instrument is of course the two bells. The 60I and the 30I are essentially the same instrument, except the 60I had regular action valves while the 30I had short action valves. The 60I was in production between at least 1924 and 1938.

What Conn said in 1931:
This instrument is being played by a majority of the finest euphonium artists in the world. Among these are such well-known virtuosos as Noble P. Howard, Sousa's Band; Simone Mantia, Joseph O. De Luca, Aaron Harris, Salvatore Florio and Charles O. Caputo. This model represents the highest developments in euphoniums, for there is nothing lacking. To the smooth, accurately proportioned sound passages resulting from the Hydraulic Expansion Process has been added the two bell-front type detachable, adjustable bells. The larger bell enables the player to throw the sound in any desired direction and the smaller bell enables the performer to use echo or trombone effects to give variety and life to the tone coloring. The fifth valve is used to control this extra bell while the fourth valve is used for the low pedal notes. For the performer who is looking for the ultimate in euphoniums, this, unquestionably, is the instrument.