Conn 4B Bass Trumpet

Conn 4B Bass Trumpet 1968

Date: 1968. Owned by Paul Fletcher

Here is an unusual item: a bass trumpet. Yes, "bass". Notice the extra long tubing. It has a massive #2½ bore (0.485") and is played with a trombone mouthpiece, as I understand it. Also notice the adjustable first slide saddle and the huge bell. According to the model number list, the 4B Bass Trumpet was produced on special order only, from 1961 to at least 1969. I suspect production stopped after 1969 when Conn was bought by MacMillan.

I understand from Dean Hubbard, former Conn clinician, that it has a 6" bell. He was told that the mandrel they used to form this bell was the same as the Artur Prior bell (2H). Mr. Hubbard says that they do look alike and have the same taper.

What Conn said in 1963:
Produces the rich, 'true bass' trumpet sound that is so desirable for use in symphonies and brass groups. This model is quite popular for use as a double in the modern dance band.