Conn 48J New Wonder Phonograph CC Bass

Conn 48J New Wonder Phonograph CC Bass 1926

Date: 1926. (Drawing)

What Conn said in 1926:
The CC Phonograph Model Bass as shown on this page was originally built by C.G. Conn, Ltd., at the personal request of the celebrated Tuba artist, August Helleberg. Since it was introduced the bass players of New York, Philadelphia and Chicago have found the Conn Phonograph Model indispensable for their recording. Each purchaser of one of these has been unusually high in his praise of the easy tone production, quick speaking quality abd clean recordings of the Conn Phonograph Bass.
This instrument is built one tone higher than the regular BBb bass, is of smaller bore, and is made up much more compactly than the regular BBb bass used in bands. The adjustable bell enables the performer to throw the tone in any direction desired, and the curve in the bell has a marked tendency to mellow the tone. Both of these features are extremely valuable for recording purposes.
Eminent artists declare this model to be a most remarkable instrument in every respect, and Phonograph Models are now part of the equipment of all recording orchestras using Conn instruments.