Conn 44L/45L Little Scout Trumpet/One-Valve Soprano Trumpet

Conn 44L Little Scout Trumpet/One-Valve Soprano Trumpet 1920's

Date: 1919-1929, Owned by Frank Dorritie

The 44L is the Low Pitch version, the 45L is the High Pitch version. Both are in the key of Bb. This model was first called 10B/11B "Little Scout Trumpet" and in 1926 was renamed to the 44L/45L "One-Valve Soprano Trumpet". Both the 44L and 45L were made between at least 1919 and 1927, and probably were discontinued in 1929.

Bruce McCrae tells me: "The Conn Little Scout trumpet was introduced during a period when BSA (Boy Scouts of America) was beginning to asert its right to the use of the term "Scout" and to prevent firms from using the name "Scout" on products that were not official BSA products. I wonder if the Little Scout Trumpet got caught in that and that is the reason the SCOUT name was later taken off the trumpet."

What Conn said in 1924:
The "Little Scout Trumpet has met with great popularity among boys' bands and groups because it can be used for patriotic airs and other popular tunes and at the same time is low in cost as compared to the regular three-valve instruments. This trumpet is easily mastered, and offers a much wider range of musical expression than the bugle. It can be had in any of the standard finishes.