Conn 38L Veteran Bugle in G-F

Conn 38L Veteran Bugle in G-F 1930's

Date: 1930's, owned by Eric Harkonen.

This 38L "Veteran Bugle in G-F" looks very similar to the 38L Boy Scout Bugle in G-F of the 1920's (see separate listing). So much so that I wonder whether it is either the same model with a different name, or the same model reinstated with a different name. Anyone who has information on this is invited e-mail me. It is also very similar to the 2L. The difference as far as I can tell is the lack of water keys, and the slide to F, found at the mouthpipe (the screw in the picture).

What Conn said in 1939:
The Veteran Bugle is built of the same materials, by the same workmen, and by the same methods as as are used in the Conn factory to make the fine cornets and trumpets used by the world's foremost artists. It is a remarkable instrument priced well within reach of everyone, being the lowest priced bugle Conn makes.
The Veteran Bugle is a real musical instrument and is not to be confused with ordinary cheap bugles. Made in the key of G with a slide that draws to the key of F. Made in one finish only - polished brass.