Conn 36J DeLuxe Recording Model Bass

Conn 36J DeLuxe Recording Model Bass 1934

Date: 1934 (Drawing)

The 36J was produced between at least 1930 and 1938. The 36J was the four valve model, the 32J had three valves.

What Conn said in 1934:
The DeLuxe Recording model is large bore and has a 26-inch adjustable, detachable bell-front bell. This latter feature enables the performer to direct the sound into any quarter and also snaps the big tone out with greater facility. The intonation is accurate and the steps are evenly spaced, both as to their pitch and also blowing pressure. The notes in the bottom of the scale are particularly fine. These notes on the other makes of basses are inclined to be a little fuzzy and colorless , but the notes on this model are uniformly big, round and full. Considering its large bore, this instrument is surprisingly easy to blow. This is due to the scientifically correct accoustical dimensions worked out in the original design. Built in BBb, front action; 3 valves, 32J; 4 valves, 36J.