Conn 34B Victor Eb Alto

Conn 34B Victor Eb Alto 1956

Date: 1956. Owner unknown

The 34B Eb Alto is tuned lower than a regular Bb trumpet. The 0.484" bore indicated in the specifications below is equivalent to a #2½. At 21" length, it isn't actually any longer than other Conn trumpets.

How can this 34B have been made in 1956 when production of the 34B didn't start until 1961? I have aquired a 1956 Conn 2A Victor Eb cornet that might hold the key. The (original 1956) case of that 2A, very similar to the one pictured here, has "IU Bands" marked on it. This stands for "Indiana University bands", and apparently that 2A was owned by the Indiana University Marching 100. It is plausible that Indiana University asked the Conn company, located in Elkhart, Indiana of course, to make it an Eb cornet and in light of this instrument pictured here also an Eb alto trumpet. this suggests of course that there are probably several more 1956 34B's like this on floating around. Several years later, in the early 1960's, Conn presumably decided to take these designs and put them into production as the 2A and the 34B.

Conn stated specifications:
Low Pitch (A=440 cps at 72F). Cylindrical bore: 0.484", Bell diameter: 4 5/8", Calibore. Length: 21". Lustre-Conn finish. Machined right angle braces for greater durability, one-piece valve casing. Bottom valve springs for positive, trouble-free action.