Conn 2D Wonder F-Eb-D Piston Valve (Gov't Model)

Conn 2D Wonder F-Eb-D Piston Valve (Gov't Model) 1952

Date: 1952. Owner anonymous

In 1952 the U.S. Government ordered large number of instruments from Conn. These are invariably silver plated, and often with the serial number engraved on the bell. Included in that order was the 2D piston valve French Horn. This is essentially the same 2D Piston valve model that was produced in the 1920's.

The instrument includes slides for F, Eb and D. The owner of this instrument says that in D in "tends to sound pretty muddy with all that tubing."

The bore size is the same as all other Conn horns, a #2 which is 0.468". This version was only produced in 1952.