Conn 2D Wonder F-Eb-D Piston Valve French Horn

Conn 2D Wonder F-Eb-D Piston Valve French Horn 1920's

Date: 1920's. Owned by Robert Marlatt

This French Horn has seperate tuning slides for F, Eb and D. Unusual for a French horn, it is has piston valves as opposed to rotary valves. The 2D was the low pitch version, the high pitch version was called the 3D. As an option the 2D, 3D and the 6D of the time were available with an extra tuning slide "which enables the performer to correct the tune of his instrument which is sharpened when the hand is forced into the bell. It also gives an A horn with the Bb [6D] and an E with the F [2D, 3D, 6D]. This tuning slide can be supplied only when ordered with the horn for which it is intended, and there is an extra charge for the attachement." The original owner of this 2D chose not to go for the extra tuning slide, since it isn't installed on this 2D.