Conn 28D Connstellation F-Bb Double French Horn

Conn 28D Connstellation F-Bb Double French Horn 1953

Date: 1953. Owned by Harris Wood

The "Connstellation" name is reserved for use by the top of the line instruments. The 28D Connstellation was made from 1949 through 1955. Contrary to what I said here before, the 28D was not exclusively for the U.S. Government. The 1955 catalog calls it (essentially) a lacquered brass 8D. It is a #2 bore in brass with nickel trim. As opposed to the 8D Connstellation, which is solid nickel silver.

What Conn said in 1955:
Like the 8D Connstellation, this horn is tops in performance and intonation. It has a beautiful tone, somewhat more brilliant than that of the 8D. Design, features and construction are exactly like the 8D except it is made of finest quality brass instead of nickel silver. Length 25 1/4", weight 5 lbs. 11 oz., bell diameter 12 1/4". Furnished in handsome formed-style, plush lined case with mouthpiece and music lyre.
Highly polished brass, beautifully nickel trimmed (including the valve cluster), clear lacquered.