Conn 23I Artist Bell Up Bb Euphonium

Conn 23I Artist Bell Up Bb Euphonium 1957

Date: 1959. Owned by Joe Spain

Instrument has four valves. This model probably came about around 1942 as a result of an order for the U.S. Navy. I have been sent pictures of a model 23I dating to 1942 with U.S. Navy markings on it. However, this model doesn't appear in any of the catalogs or price lists between 1946 and 1956 (the 1956 price list does list all models) or the 1962 price list, so it must have been specifically for the U.S. Government around 1942 and not taken into production. Then around late 1956 or in 1957 it was reintroduced and discontinued sometime before 1962, presumably at the introduction of the 24I and 25I Connstellation models around 1959/1960.

What Conn said in 1958:
Built in same acoustical design as 22I Artist Euphonium but with the bell up for concert "full sound" without harshness. This model is increasing in demand with the upward trend of symphonic bands. Demounteable bell is interchangeable with bell front model for field or parade requirements. All tapered parts are made smooth on inside by the exclusive Conn hydraulic process for easier blowing, quicker response, full bodied tone. This Conn instrument has all the advantages of Cali-Bore which guarantees the tapers from the tone chamber to the bell flare. Fast, short action valves, Cali-Bore, Crysteel valve pistons, Lustre-Conn finish.
Also available: Satin silver plated finish with gold bell.