Conn 22J Bell Front BBb Recording Bass

Conn 22J Bell Front BBb Recording Bass 1934

Date: 1934. Owner unknown

The 22J is essentially the same as the 20J except the valves face forward in stead of up. This particular instrument appears to be silverplate with gold wash bell.

What Conn said in 1934:
The newest of Conn basses cuts the stroke nearly 33 per cent and gives the bass player an action just a trifle longer than that of a cornet! [...] Furthermore, the finger tips have been arched to fit the natural position of the fingers and have been moved 5/32 of an inch closer together. This gives the shortest, fastest, easiest-working valve action built into a bass and is a boon to all players. Equipped with celebrated Clickless Crysteel Pumps. Built with detachable, adjustable 24-inch bell tilted slightly upward, mouthpipe swung away from the bell stem, equipped with curved, swivel bit-all of which features give comfort in playing and clear view of the director. The intonation is the finest ever built into a bass. Immediately bought by such men as Chas. Barber, Waring's Pennsylvanians; Chas. Ford, Jan Garber; and Stanley Soboski, phenomenal bass, Fox theatre, Detroit. Large bore, BBb, 3 valves.