Conn 10J BBb Bass

Conn 10J BBb Bass 1967

Date: 1967. Owner unknown

This instrument suffers from a common ailment of older basses: someone appears to have stepped on the bell. The 10J was produced between at least 1962 and 1971.

What Conn said in 1963:
Special lightweight model. Extremely responsive, precision intonation, with a beautifully rich symphonic tone.

What Conn said in the 1970's:
Most popular lightweight tuba for school band use. Young students find it easier to "fill", and can produce a full tone right from the start. Highly responsive and balanced in all registers. Three valves. Lustre-Conn finish over polished brass, or Tarnish-Shield over satin-finish silver plate with brilliant silver bell interior. Bore 0.695". Bell up. Bell Diameter 18". Weight 15 lbs 12 oz.